Many clients come to me just to record great live drums.  So I have posted some unprocessed drums that I cut at Romper Room Recording so potential new clients can hear what I do, and hear what they will leave with.  There are no plugins, no outboard gear, no stereo buss compressor used on any of these.  Completely raw and unmixed!  One of them has a bit of reverb on the snare…but that is it!  These were all recorded live with the various bands involved.  You can hear some of the guitar leakage in the quiet breaks.  Each clip has the individual drums solo'd along the way. Room tracks are switched in and out at various points. 

This is what you leave with when you record drums with me.  Provided of course you have your end together!


There are many factors that affect your drum sound:

The actual sound of the drum kit, the brand, the design.

The age of the heads

The tuning of the heads

And…most of all…THE DRUMMER!


If any of those are weak, your drum sound will be.  So be prepared when you go to record…at ANY studio.

Rock Drums 1 -
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Modern Jazz -
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Rock Drums 2 -
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Pop / Rock Drums -
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LIve Band, 1 Take. No edits, no processing -
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