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  • Matt Pakucko

What does the world REALLY think of your music?

Dont ask your Mom. Don't ask your friends. Don't ask your BF, GF or BFF. Don't ask people you know to comment while you are sitting there. None of these situations can be trusted to get you some honest feedback. Do YOU want to tell a friend or loved one that you think their "pride and joy" sucks! Likely not. Try something like this:

I once sent a CD of a bunch of my songs and productions to a bunch of friends and included a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) and a critique sheet. They were to listen to the CD and rate each track on several criteria: Songwriting, singer, production value, "sounds like", "do you want to hear more like this", Etc, etc. The people could ANONOMOUSLY mail back the critique sheet, and they did, and I was very surprised with the results. Stuff I never heard from anybody sitting in front of me listening.

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