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  • Matt Pakucko

Part of the human ear gets off on LOUD even it the music is bad! Make your music exciting at ALL vo

Have you ever heard a bass drum part all by itself, very loud, like the intro to many EDM tracks these days? Of course…and it's often exciting...when it's LOUD. Play that same part at low volume. Not so exciting now, is it?

Have you ever heard your favorite song at low volume? Yes, and you still love it…at all volumes.

Why do many mixers, producers and other music creators do their work at high volume?

It may NOT be because the music is good and they are enjoying it, but because part of our ear gets off on LOUD even it the music is not GOOD!


"There are very real reasons why high-amplitude audio holds such appeal. Did you know that there's a tiny organ in the inner ear called the sacculus (once thought to have no function in our auditory system) that's linked to a region of the brain associated with the response to pleasure? It's now known, according to the research of Dr. Neil Todd, that it reacts to low-frequency vibrations over 90dB. It seems both live and club music are tailor-made for sacculus stimulation. "

Music needs to be exciting at low volume as well as loud. Mix / create your music at lower volume to make sure the MUSIC is exciting, and it's not just the volume. Volume ALONE will make it enjoyable because of that part of our ear. Have your music draw people in even at low volume. Make is so if they hear your music playing quietly from a window they are attracted to it by the content, even when there is hardly any volume. You can play it loud and get them excited ONLY because of that part of our ear that gets pleasure from volume (especially low frequencies). Just know that they are NOT necessarily digging your music!

Now turn down the volume, and turn up peoples' interest in your music!

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