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  • Matt Pakucko

Loudness Wars! #2. Don't push them away with LOUD! Draw them in with dynamics....

You turn up the volume on tracks you like, right? You turn down the volume on the LOUD commercials (they are intentionally made louder to make you listen to them). It has the opposite effect on me and I'll bet on most of you, too…we turn it down or MUTE. If a commercial plays at some reasonably volume, I might just let it play. Especially on TV (thank God for the mute button).

When a song comes on the radio (playlist or whatever) that you don't know and it's LOUD, compressed, abrasive (over-compressed like so much music those days)…you will likely turn that down too, regardless of what the music content is. If it was at a reasonable volume and had some dynamics, you may leave your volume knob alone...and listen to the music.

Here is a good article with lots of research links related to how people listen, the volume they listen, and even some tests you can do yourself, even on your own music:

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