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  • Matt Pakucko

My first recording studio gig! (well after Steve Perry worked there)

The first recording studio I ever worked in was Crystal Studios on Vine St. It changed hands a few times and recently had an open house / party which was more of a reunion! Currently owned by Eric Valentine as Barefoot Recording. Of course, it’s gone thru many changes. Yes, that’s Steve Perry from Journey in the pics. Robert Margouleff, too. Steve had my job before I did! Before my time, however. How cool is that? That’s me in my first promo pic! In front of the custom console. Mid 80s, fresh of the boat from Chicago. They still have the original piece-of-art baffles with the jungle mural and a couple other relics. I was able to find the Crystal Industries Logo lurking on the some of the original equipment from the 70s and 80s that is still there. Continuing the tradition, Crystal Studios had custom made consoles by Andrew Berliner (RIP Andrew) (who opened the studio originally), as does Barefoot have custom Undertone Audio consoles. Andrew has 100s of gold and platinum hit records to his name with so many artists that that is a post unto itself.

This blog is one slice of the Crystal history in a Recording Engineer / Producer Magazine article by Barry Ober, with a great picture of studio B where one of my all-time favorite records was mixed, Supertramp’s Breakfast In America. Many many others too.

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