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  • Matt Pakucko

Jimmy Rodriguez conquers the Latin market!

Matt Pakucko is conjuring dreams into reality again, this time at Mix City Music, for Latin artist, Jimmy Rodriguez, who soared from humble beginnings to become a force to be reckoned with, seriously reverberating through the Latin music cosmos. Let's uncover the extraordinary saga of his rise to stardom, with each note echoing his unstoppable spirit.

I recorded a slew of demos with him that were nothing short of transformative for his career. These sonic gems weren't just demos; they were the steppingstones to his triumph. The studio sessions led to a symphony of successes. At the end of each session, these musical gems were dispatched to auditions and music placement opportunities across the western hemisphere, setting the stage for Jimmy's meteoric ascent.

The story takes a global twist with 2 Avid Pro Tools sessions bridging continents, linking Jimmy Rodriguez with his producer in the vibrant heart of South America –Colombia, in real time. And let's not forget his beginnings – when I met him, he was still buskin’ on the Santa Monica pier.

Fast forward to today, and Jimmy Rodriguez is singing and dancing in huge arenas beside luminaries like Carlos Vives, the architect of the "vallenato" sound, Maelo Ruiz, the maestro of salsa romantica, and Adolescentes Orquesta, the embodiment of tropical rhythm. These collaborations have etched his name in the annals of Latin music history, a testament to his indomitable spirit. He even has a new song in the hit Univision / Latin TV show "Despierta America," and was a top 10 contender on the Latin version of The Voice: La Voz.

I can’t even keep track of it all since it’s all in Spanish!

Connect with Jimmy Rodriguez's musical odyssey on Instagram: @jimmyrodriguezw.

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