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AC/DC Simon Wright drummer
AC/DC Simon Wright drummer



Simon Wright, legendary drummer for AC/DC, (3 albums), Dio (5 albums) and UFO, got it right at Romper Room Recording, drumming on a track  for an upcoming music biz documentary by Jaymz Floyd Eberly.  Add him to the list of awesome and legendary drummers who have recorded here (Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot, Wasp), Mike Hansen (Hurricane), D.j. Bonebrake (X) and more!


Impressive Mess, last EP overdubs.  Sean, keys and guitarist with some new Impressive sounds.

Mark Christian of Merle Jagger having fun with ES-335

Kiss tribute
LA Music Producers

Matt Pakucko, DJ Bonebreak (from X), Susan Sheller, Mark Christian...working on Susan's new record

Los Angeles Recording Studios

Matt Pakucko, Mark Christian, Susan Sheller, DJ Bonebreak (from X), with the Romper Room "Wall of Pillows"!

Live drums and live band recording
Analog recording
R&B mixing

Mark Christian of Merle Jagger Can you Tele is having fun?

Trying out the Toft ATB desk.  Sounded great!

Kiss tribute with Willie Basse and Bruce Bouillet

Broadway comes to my studio.  Vocals for an upcoming B'way play!

College Humor: 900K hits and counting! YOUTUBE VIDEO

Dalal Bruchman
Nelson band / Matt Nelson

18th Century cello from Dalal's session


Dalal and Romper!

Matt Nelson and Matt Pakucko!

Jimmy Bain tracking bass for The GODZ tribute album

First Sesison at Romper Room Recording, V 2.0

Romper spinning some new tunes

Chris Holmes: from W.A.S.P. tracking guitars for The GODZ tribute CD.

Zaza and the world-famous Romper!

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