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Classic, history proven, organic hit-making fundamentals along with  modern technological wizardry are the essential elements that  make each song, the singer and the performance immediately engaging to the listener and to the Artists themselves.  I prefer to work more with the music and the person, as much as with the grid and the typewriter, and I give each Artist whatever they need, from a gentle nudge to a solid kick in the pants, to get the best art they have in them OUT,  into their recordings and into the world.

​If you have a clear vision of how you want to sound in the end, I will get you there.
If you want to experiment and create your signature sound, we can do that too.
I use the right approach to have YOUR music turn out the way YOU envision it.
Each project is unique.  And I will help you discover that you have a lot more talent inside of you than you
even know about.

As a producer, I look at the whole project and the artist's ultimate goal:

A: Do you want your tracks to sound as good as your favorite charting artists...totally compete with them? 
B: Do you want this to be a demo or similar for shopping and promotion?


While I do a lot: (program drums, keys, play guitar and bass, engineer, mix) I don't produce music based on what I can play.  I produce according to the artist's needs.  If you want (A) above and the music calls for it, I (and perhaps you) know many great players better than either of us.  Your project should not be limited by what you and I can do.  We get the best players for your recording and budget,  just like the chart-topping artists you admire.   They just get whomever and whatever they need to achieve the sound they want.  They don't limit themselves.


A recording studio is only a tool! (Did he really just say that ???)

If you are shopping for a recording studio, Producer or Engineer, what you should pay more attention to than ANYTHING about the studio or the gear is the person(s) that will be working with you!
That is the Engineer / Producer / Mixer, etc.  A studio is only a set of tools.  THE PERSON using those tools is THE most important thing!  That fundamental works everywhere in life, too.


A studio is just a tool.  Granted, a good tool is great to have, and I have a really great studio, but it is just a tool.  Who (Producer / Engineer) is wielding this tool (studio) to help you create your vision should be your main concern.

Are YOU ready ??? If not, I'll help you get ready.

Do YOU have a clear vision of the final production before you even start?

Do you have some favorite artist(s) who's sound influences yours?  Do you know what it took for them to have their records sound like that?

Do you know what needs to be done before you start recording to have it sound killer BEFORE you even mix it?

A GREAT recording is usually not fast nor cheap. Sometimes you get lucky...but don't count on it.  Seems like an overwhelming number of artist these days are doing their darnedest to produce their music as quickly or as cheaply as possible.  They prefer to release something, anything, rather than release awesome tracks.  Cheap and/or fast often seems to be the most important thing.  They get promises of inexpensive recordings that often end up costing more in the long run, both financially and artistically.

Down the road, it's better to listen to your record and say "it still sounds great!", instead of " least it didn't cost too much".

Get serious folks, if music is your passion.  Don't' let your own unwillingness to go out and make the time and find the money, limit your own music.  That is if you consider yourself a serious contender.

           If YOU are not willing to go all out, why would someone you hire (at any price) do it for you?


I truly hope you gained something from reading this.


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