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Some scenes from the upcoming "My High School Rebellion" album of classic punk rock tunes!

Christa Collins of The Wooley Bandits   recording vocals on "Ever Fallen In Love"  originally by The Buzzcocks

Suzi Moon of Turbulent Hearts recording vocals on "The American in Me"  originally by The Avengers

Live band recording setup, rehearsing for a recording session for a cover of Landslide by Stevie Nicks / Fleetwood Mac.  At my San Fernando Valley recording studio in Northridge (Los Angeles), CA

Jimmy Allan Sine interview for Full Access Magazine at Romper Room Recording

Just released :

New Orleans Love by Jimmy Allan Sine -
From the forthcoming CD : Bump and Grind
Produced by Matt Pakucko & Kelly Gray





Because everyone likes to hang out there and record! Instead of in the large tracking room.  The drums are in there...


The entire Merle Jagger band laying tracks for a new artist.




Last overdub of the Impressive Mess 6 song EP:













Sean, keys and guitarist with some new Impressive sounds.                                         Travis, Sean and Matt Pakucko

Entire EP recorded and mixed here by Matt Pakucko.

Impressive Mess Facebook.




Merle Jagger...back in the studio...Finally!





James Sera from record(s) recorded by Matt Pakucio at his Romper  Room Recording...coming out soon.  Read about it on his homepage.  They did a lot of editing via Facetime with him in NYC and Matt in LA.


The Seeds documentay is out:  "Pushin' Too Hard"....the first review.  Matt's is credited with editing, cinematography and a bunch of sound!


Producing new tracks for Furn (the band).


Austrian singer, songwriter, composer, model and actress Dalal has been camped-out in Matt's studio recording and mixing many songs for upcoming films and her next record.


Some older mixes for Latin recording artist Cynthia finally making it to Youtube:  Provocame   and   Formas de amor


Recently re-created the original mono mixes for THE SEEDS re-issue on GNP Crescendo Records.  This is getting many great reviews!  Great stuff for record collectors.




Broadway comes to my studio.  Vocals for an upcoming Broadway play! 

Check out their blog...Matt is at thebottom


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