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                      Excellent studio & Matt is awesome engineer & co-produced our album. From start to finish very creative, total pro! We highly recommend ! Thanks Matt! Mystic Posse"

Mystic Posse

Best LA Recording Studio drum recording

                  "  "I have worked with Matt on two of my projects one in 1995 with my country band "Wild Heart" he recorded and mixed the demo which got us our record deal, The second is a compilation record with 21 different musicians from various Old School Punk Bands on it.
"My High School Rebellion" is due out soon just finishing up with Matt.

Being in the music business for over 35 years with Black Flag and many other bands, He has one of the best drum mixes out there (big drums) So if want to record in a low key environment with a great Producer/Engineer/ and a Professional. Record at Romper Room....
Matt Rocks !!! Bryan Migdol llll

Bryan K Migdol
Original Drummer, Black Flag

Best LA Recording Studio drum recording

                      "Recording at Matt's studio was easy and comfortable. His tracking room sounds fantastic, and has a unique tone that would suit many genres. And, hearing playbacks in the booth, made me shake my head in disbelief. Matt has the gear, the experience, the ears and brain to make music sound great!!! I can't wait to do more projects with him. I shall return!"

Kenwood Anderson
recording artist/producer

Recording Studios Los Angeles

                     "I love the atmosphere in Matt's Studio! Matt is super professional in his recording and engineering approach and he is all about the music! He is always a great source to share and bounce ideas back and forth!"P.S: I've also grown very fond of the rest of the Romper Room Team, the four legged, furry Romper, Stomper, Chomper and the lovely Mr. Fred! :)"

Dalal (recording artist/composer)

Recording Studo near me

2010 - present

2010 - present

                     "When it comes to professionalism, engineering expertise, and creating a comfortable enjoyable recording experience, Matt Pakucko is the cream of the crop, grade A, top notch!

I was considering several studios for my project, but after an initial meeting with Matt touring the studio, hearing samples of his work, and his ease of communication, I knew I had found the right spot and engineer. There was ease of booking studio time and during the recording session he was quick to make adjustments as needed with what could have been a challenging situation for a recording of a group of kid vocalists. I highly recommend Matt for your next project and definitely looking forward to working with him for my upcoming projects."



Adriohn Richardson (recording artist/composer)

LA Recroding Studos

                    "Matt is such a talent! Truly a professional who gets the job done right and is willing to work with you and your budget! He helped us finish our film which would not have been possible without his incredible ear and attention to detail. I would recommend anyone who wants incredible ADR to go no further than Matt Pakucko!"


Mischa Marcus (Writer / Director)
I Am Still Here (film)

I Am Still Here on Facebook

ADR Studios Los Angeles

"Matt has been working on my project for some time now.

He is very easy to work with and I couldn't imagine working

in any other studio. Great guy, great studio. He is very

affordable and efficient with his equipment.

Can't wait to get back there! JAS"


Jimmy Alan Sine (recording artist  / writer / guitarist)
Jimmy Alan Sine on Facebook

Jimmy at Romper Room Recording, my boutique studio

Best Recording Studios in LA
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