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GRAMMY Nominated Work, Gold & Platinum Album Credits. Writer/Producer/Engineer

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Mix City Music Recording Studios, home of

Matt Pakucko

Songwriter, Music Producer, Mixer, and Sound Engineer.

Your source for live music recording, full band and drums recording,

music production and mixing, virtual production, and more.  

We offer a professional recording studio and producer/engineer services that deliver

master recordings ready for radio, streaming, or TV and film placement. 

AND a network of several LA recording studios

One is sure to be awesome for your music project, ADR, or Voiceover.

Let's solve your recording challenges​.

Located in Northridge, in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA.

Recorded/Mixed "Rock Steady" by Dawn Robinson from En Vogue
Goo Goo Dolls/Superstar Carwash / Engineer
Rush Hour Soundtrack/recorded by Matt Pakucko
Rage Against The Machine / Evil Empire. Matt Pakucko mixed 2 songs
Def Leppard.  I also wrote a song with Vivian Campbell
Los Angeles Recording Studios
All ADR by Matt Pakucko at Romper Room Recording


* Nice International Film Festival 2017: Best Feature

* Riverside International Film Awards 2017: Best Directing, Mischa Marcus

* United International Film Festival 2017: Best Drama Film

*Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival 2017: Best Independent Film

…and counting…

ADR by Matt Pakucko

Why work with Matt Pakucko?


Hiring a pro will greatly increase your impact whenever your music is heard.  Too many people go the DIY, low budget route and expect to be heard above the din of tens of 1000s of artists that do that.  The artists that never get farther than some internet streams and a few downloads or CDs sold.  If you're are serious, hire a pro.  They invented music producers for a reason.  IF you even get that one-time chance to be heard by a crucial industry connection, don’t blow it by playing them your low-budget demo unless it’s a clear “killer” production.  They may never listen to you again. 

For over 25 years he has been an independent Music Producer and Sound Engineer music mixer, recording and audio engineer, songwriter and musician,  and the force behind Mix City Music Recording Studios, a privately owned boutique music recording studio.,  and the nexus for any other studio you may need.


Matt Pakucko is a voting member of the Recording Academy and participates in the Grammy voting process.   Matt has earned 8 certified Platinum and Gold records in several countries.  Matt recorded Luz Rios "Aire", Latin Grammy nominee as Best New Artist  and Best Female Pop Vocal Album, with a nomination  for “Hot Latin Song of the Year" at the Latin Billboard Music Awards. 

Matt’s LA based recording studio was built specifically for recording rock drums, rock bands, and any live band recording of 5 players or more at once; and has been doing that for over 25 years. Check out our virtual studio tour here.  Romper Room Recording Studios is designed to fit within most budgets. We work with you and your budget to get your project completed.


Matt's music production experience with a wide variety of artists, labels and production studios has earned many gold record and platinum record awards, and he is well versed in ADR for film, recently on the award-winning film, “I Am Still Here” .

To facilitate different requirements for a variety of music and sound recording projects, Matt has established a network of recording studios in LA and for years he has worked with on hundreds of projects at many recording studios in the Los Angeles area, from Hollywood, North Hollywood, Studio City, Burbank to Simi Valley.  He has also partnered with several of those recording and mixing studios to bring clients several choices to fit their needs.


Matt has worked with rock recording artists such as: Def Leppard, Rage Against The Machine (Evil Empire), Frank Black (aka Black Francis from The Pixies), The Goo Goo Dolls, and in his early days, artists such as The Bangles, Billy Idol, Dinosaur Junior, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Lowen and Navarro, The Beat Farmers.

He also has worked with on a lot of Hip Hop and Rap music as well!  Some of his experience includes: R&B and Pop Music recording and mixing with DMX, Missy Elliot, Paula Abdul, The Dr. Doolittle Soundtrack (with Dawn Robinson from En Vogue), Jennifer Lopez (J. Lo), Swizz Beats and more, and many artists on Def Jam Records and Atlantic Records.  He has also studied under some legendary music producers and studio engineers like Robert Margouleff, Andy Johns, Ross Hogarth, Joe Chiccarelli, Tom Lord-Alge, and Andy Wallace.  His previous clients include Warner Brothers Records, Virgin Records, Mercury Records and countless others.   And he has been staff engineer or project recording engineer at  the best recording studios in Los Angeles such as Westlake Studios, The Enterprise, Paramount Recording, Sound City, The Record Plant, and so many others, many of which are now gone.  His versatility also includes Latin recording artists such as Paloma San Basilio, Mark Bautista and Luz Rios (Grammy nominee).

note: if all you need is a great engineer, I will shut up and be your humble audio servant.

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